Introducing Tuck Stand @ Home - Tiffin meals redefined

One size fits all - a dream for many in an idealistic world, however, it is neither realistic nor reliable.

Tuck Stand @ Home - Daily meals redefined, Tiffin meals, Sustainable develiopment
Tuck Stand @ Home - Daily meals redefined

Considering it is still unsafe for outside cooks to enter residential apartments, many people are either stuck with experimenting in the kitchen while also juggling their office work, struggling to find time to relax during the lockdown. The struggle is certainly real! And with the current trend that is ensuing across the city, people are going to be working from home for the foreseeable future. Although we are closer to our family, the increased pressure from managers, everyday online roll calls, and tight deadlines, work-life balance has never been more imbalanced. One way around this is to get your food delivered from smaller restaurants but that comes with the risk of unhygienic kitchens and poor food quality, not to mention the time wasted on a daily basis to plan and order your meals.

With millions working from home, people are longing for home-cooked meals at the same time every day to implement a routine and not disrupt their daily work or activities. Though many reputed and experienced restaurants can try and replicate a similar home-style flavor, they are not economical and it might not be too easy on your stomach either. Also, considering the amount of packaging that is used for delivering food on a daily basis, it is neither cheap(adding to your cost, again) nor sustainable for the environment.

As the options were very few, or almost non-existent, from the point of view of a working professional, Tuck Stand received many requests to bring in economical food options without jeopardizing the quality or quantity of the meals. With Tuck Stand's reputation being based around premium and quality food products and with this being our first attempt at catering to individual consumers, as opposed to corporate companies, we had a challenge on our hands.

While meeting the market’s demands is the primary obligation of business, cutting corners to reduce costs is never an option. The most important thing that people expect from home-like meals is hygiene. So, we ensured to source your meals only from kitchens which follow world-class standards in terms of hygiene and use quality products to cook your meals. All dishes are cooked daily in controlled quantities to avoid wastage or leftovers too.

Considering this is a daily expense, people expect a bang for one’s buck - a wholesome balanced meal every day at the right price point. We finalized on set meals covering all nutritional components, namely starch, protein, and vegetables, as you would get in any home-cooked meal. We designed our meal in a manner in which all options would save one money when compared to spending on a cook, groceries, gas, etc., making it easy on their pockets while also leaving them satisfied to get back to what actually needs their attention at home.

People always expect variety when it comes to a service like this as no one prefers to eat the same food every day. Keeping this in mind, our set menus change daily to provide the customers with a variety of options to escape the monotony that accompanies the conventional “Tiffin” system. We planned the meals to cater to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, ensuring they pay for only things that they want to eat, eliminating wastage. For added variety, we included special combos too, which are changed on a daily basis.

As the saying goes - Good food, good mood; no one can give their 100 percent at work on an empty stomach. Hence, delivering food on time is something that’s of utmost priority to us. To ensure this, we have prefixed time slots for delivery of food. We also ensured that we stay in constant touch with the kitchen and the delivery person to provide regular updates to our customers.

Considering all the above points, we started researching various food delivery models available globally. After much thought, we decided to proudly borrow an idea from India’s oldest and the world’s most successful delivery system, “The Dabba-Walas”. With the customer providing their own containers for food, it not only reduces the vendor’s cost of packaging but also makes it an environmentally sustainable option, considering the large amounts of paper and plastic that is used in this industry. We also provide an option for the customer to purchase tiffins and boxes through us, which they own and can be used for the service.

With the cost of packaging eliminated from the equation, the customer would only have to pay for the food and the service provided, empowering the vendor to accommodate a larger variety of food options. This service has assisted many by providing an economical and sustainable food option to those who heavily relied on packaged food in the past. If you would like us to cater to your residential society too, do reach out to us at or drop us a message at +91 9739954892.