Pop-ups are basically power-ups!

Having food from a restaurant has become a commonplace activity for most of us these days. We eat out at or takeaway food from restaurants and nearby eateries for a variety of reasons: daily meals and snacks with no compromise on quality, celebrating an important event or a milestone - like a birthday, wedding anniversary or promotion at work - interacting with clients or customers, enjoying a change in the food, and so on.

At some or the other level, we understand the modus operandi of most typical restaurants: operating out of a fixed space and probably without a delivery service of their own. Customers themselves have to visit, place the order and eat or take it away to consume sometime later, from the comfort of their homes or offices or someplace convenient.

This might work for retail customers, but corporates, for whom time is money, do not always have the luxury of breaking out for food. Also, most of the corporate office spaces have cafeterias or canteens in their buildings but these spaces have a serious dearth of quality options. The end result? Either they are forced to resort to the boring, monotony that the cafeteria food options have to offer or they wake up early in the mornings to pack their lunches and/or snacks. After some time, which is most likely a couple of weeks at the max, boredom sets in: they end up becoming tired and frustrated because of the lack of choices and the trials and tribulations faced while preparing food for themselves.

What can be done in such a situation? Ask restaurants and eateries to come to them, naturally! That’s how the concept of a food pop-up originated. This model thrives on customer convenience and offers an all-round win-win situation.

To start with, the local restaurants who set up their pop-ups in the building positively benefit from the exposure to new customers and result in increased sales. For customers, the convenience offered definitely grabs many eyeballs. It also provides a welcome refresh from the monotonous food that they might have become accustomed to. Companies in the building are happy because their productivity goes up considering employees are still physically present within the building during lunch hours. Buildings have an exciting amenity to offer to their tenants and can optimize the cafeteria space.

We would like to throw light on one such incident - We planned our popup at the RMZ Latitude Hebbal office to service around 700-800 employees in the building. That’s a lot of traction! We went all guns blazing with some of the best mouth-watering sandwiches, including the all-time favorite paneer cheese grilled sandwich, from Fruit Face. We coupled that with some spicy and lip-smacking Kathi Rolls from Khan Saheb. To end things on a sweet note, literally, there were the fudgiest fudge brownies, appetizing chocolate truffle cake, and delicious Oreo cheesecake from Happy Belly Bakes. These were vital because the crowd was not used to these sort of delicacies in this part of the town and that too with these items being sourced from one of the best vendors in town. Everybody absolutely loved the options that were handpicked, so much so that we were overwhelmed by their positive feedback. We were stocked out within the first 2 hours of setting up the popup! We were humbled to have been the reason for all their smiles by providing them with a refresh to their food options.