Tuck Stand is doing its part to promote Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection!

Earth Hour and Earth Day. Two widespread mass movements working towards similar goals: sustainable development and environmental protection, something that has taken the world by storm today, as evident by the rise of teenage activists like Greta Thunberg. Both goals complement each other; sustainable development highlights the concept of a triple bottom line: Profit, People, and Planet, implicitly calling for the protection of Mother Earth through concrete, positive steps promulgated and incorporated by all stakeholders.

An approach towards environmental protection.

Sustainable development and climate action have become the cynosure of all eyes for quite some time now as concerns like global warming, the rapid loss of biodiversity and nature, and plastic pollution have assumed massive proportions, threatening to upend the delicate balance that is key to the peaceful co-existence of all life forms on this planet. The call to action is to put in concerted efforts across all key stakeholders to tackle these issues before they get out of hand.

The battle for sustainable development has to be fought across several fronts if we are to emerge victorious and undo the damage caused to our land. Everyone has to do their bit in this high-stakes war for survival and sustenance. Businesses, industries, and governments must join forces to design policies that minimize environmental degradation and promote corporate actions that bring about a positive change. We at Tuck Stand - occupying a key position in the food services sector - understand this very well and have always strived to maintain a balance between business goals and making a positive impact on our environment. As part of our ongoing efforts to imbibe sustainable processes and practices in every facet of our business, we have implemented the following small yet significant modifications:

  • Partnered with some of the top corporate caterers in Bengaluru, with an aim to provide eco-friendly and fully-biodegradable meal boxes made out of bagasse - a by-product of sugarcane - to meet the requirements of our clients. We are working closely with the client to understand and accurately assess their needs and also collaborating with the suppliers to overcome the challenges associated with the requirements.

  • Encouraging all our partners to incorporate bulk packaging solutions for their deliveries, instead of individually packing orders, to cut down on the waste generated by packing individual items. We see a huge impact from this simple change and have requested each and every partner to come up with a similar approach.

We are not planning to stop anytime soon; after all, we all have just one planet to live on and the responsibility of taking good care of our Earth is upon each of us. We are doing our bit to ease her burden. What about you?