Battling the menace that is Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution has been recognized by several nations - developed and developing - as a serious challenge that needs to be tackled on a war-footing basis. Countries like Canada, Peru, India and many countries in the EU, as well as several states in the US, have taken concrete steps, signing treaties and passing legislation to ban single-use plastics and to cut down plastic generation in various industries by 2021-22. Several companies worldwide also have joined forces to end the widespread usage of plastic by investing in waste collection and rejuvenating existing efforts to promote a circular economy for plastic.

Tuck Stand recognizes and appreciates the steps taken by governments and companies to combat this menace. To contribute our bit to the fight, we have started encouraging all our partners and customers to utilize alternatives to plastic along with reusable plastics for regular/daily orders to a company. A small, yet significant move, as the HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe) sector is a substantial consumer of plastic and paper, which are the go-to options for packaging and cutlery.

Come, join the war against plastic and let us all emerge victorious!