Notion towards food delivery during COVID

A lot of memes have been floating around lately, focusing on fast food not tasting the same. I am sure you must have across a few like the local corner shops panipuri not tasting the same given they have started washing their hands.

Though India has been notorious in cutting corners when it comes to food health and safety, the recent outbreak of the global virus has sent a jitter down everyone's spine. With restaurants and local eateries already facing a lower footfall, they are doing everything to bring up their food health and safety to entice customers.

While wearing hair caps and face masks while cooking and serving food, additional precautions are being taken like gloves and sanitizing the place regularly, there are still some incorrect notions about takeaways and food deliveries which is restricting us from ordering food.

With multiple medical reports, stating with backup data of Covid-19 virus spreading via nasal and respiratory fluid, it does not disperse on either paper or any food as long as hygiene is practiced while the preparation process

Preparing fresh food regularly, maintaining the optimum temperature inside the kitchen, wearing precautionary gear throughout and discarding leftover or stale food can easily help avoid the spread of the virus.

With a good percentage of orders being lowered as customers are being extra health-conscious, eateries have stopped pre-cooking the food. As reheating of pre-cooked food is not being practiced anymore, they are taking additional time to serve every meal. Apart from being healthy, fresh preparations also taste much better than their other counterparts being served.

As many restaurants have also started serving deliveries to consumers, it also creates an additional layer of safety by distancing the cooks from the customers. Timely temperature checks and regular sanitization of the bags and vehicle also help to uplift the safety of food delivered.

Though washing your hands before consuming food should be a healthy habit, either way, it should be thoroughly practiced during such time. While still safe, transferring food to clean dishes and using cutlery can contribute towards additional safety for takeaways.

As the lockdowns are being lifted around the globe and restaurants have started operating again, both expectations and safety measures are being reconsidered throughout. While preference was earlier restricted to taste and cleanliness, now consumers will consider hygiene, packaging and delivery services too. Rather than relying on unknown sources importance to previous customer reviews and ratings will carry a lot of weightage in choosing restaurants.