Benefits of planning and arranging your team's meals during Lockdown

Last month when Tuck Stand initiated a discussion with Swiggy and its in-house brands, trying to understand how to help companies and communities when the entire nation went into lockdown, we considered it a far-fetched approach. As our discussion bore fruits, we initiated primary marketing tactics by writing blogs around the plan and updating our client base like any other firm.

Little did we imagine our efforts would eventually catch the eye of HR managers and startup CEOs, who were not only struggling with losses in sales but also working hard to keep their scattered workforce motivated to move towards company goals.

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A treat for people working from home

Apart from the fact that the brands we were working with were already nationally recognized brands, our main objective to reach out to them was our prior successful engagement with the team. Most consumers blindly order food from various food delivery apps based on a “starry” rating system. They hardly know anything about the kitchen, its environment, or the manner in which the food is handled there. With hygiene being a primary factor, and our own prior experience of these renowned satellite kitchens, we decided to restrict our options to only them. Apart from following all hygiene and safety precautionary measures, these Swiggy exclusive brands also provided an array of food menus, catering to each customer type, fitting every pocket, and satisfying cravings of every sort.

Swiggy’s vast partner network and the live tracking allows us to keep track of each delivery from the point of ordering to the doorstep of each customer. Considering this and our past successes, we started reaching out to other corporate companies within Bangalore, explaining the model to them and how it can help not only make their staff productive while also motivating cum appreciating them for putting in the effort even as they were working from home.

Though many may say that working from home isn’t anything new, especially within the IT sector, what they lack is the foresight of the current situation psychologically playing with the mindsets of employees. With constant news of increasing infections, casualties, job losses, and its toll on the economy, no matter how seasoned the employee is, his/her productivity will get hampered. Thus it comes down to the team managers to help uplift the staff spirit by appreciating their commitment. We suggest they continue their monthly celebrations of collective birthdays and anniversaries, as they would have done while working from the office. We have the provision to deliver desserts or meals to multiple employees at their doorstep, to accompany any virtual celebrations. This small token of appreciation would not only make them feel special but also push them to be more productive.

There were instances where we discussed with managers regarding the time taken by employees for preparing their meals and lunch breaks, which was never earlier entirely accounted for. Daily packed meals, hygienically prepared at world-class standard kitchens, delivered to the doorstep of the employee right before lunch hours, will not only be convenient for them but also give them more incentive to get back to work sooner and wrap up their day early. Considering employees do not have to take time off their working hours to prepare their meals will certainly result in increased productivity. Getting them to come online over a video call to help simulate casual team lunches, which have a proven result of initiating informal discussions, allows them to come up with ‘out of the box’ strategies around problems.

Team lunches also provide an opportunity for employees to informally discuss tasks at hand to ideate, exchange ideas, problem-solve, and focusing on what matters most. With the quarantine putting a stop on all in-person get-togethers, virtual get-togethers over lunch seem to be the most obvious direction the world is moving towards.

Employees of firms working under the banner of Essential Services are required to work out of their office. One of their key concerns is the lack of food options available in their vicinity. With a strain on transportation during the lockdown, many take longer to commute between home and work and have trouble preparing their meals before starting their commute. Sponsoring daily lunches in this situation will not only boost staff morale but would also make them more productive without having them worry about cooking.

Learning and development managers can also use Tuck Stand to sponsor team lunches during online induction and training for new recruits. This would work as an ice breaker for people connecting for the first time and would also showcase the company’s appreciation for the effort put in by the staff. Also, bulk orders always turn out cheaper for corporates, as Tuck Stand provides food at considerably lower than retail prices.