Bringing some of Bangalore’s best cafes & bakers right to your apartment complex!

With the world approaching a “milestone” of 7 Million reported cases of COVID-19, most of the seriously affected countries are still trying their best to enforce a controlled lockdown to control the pandemic. Although the surge is behind us, hopefully, people are getting used to the notion of social-distancing and staying indoors to err on the side of caution. But having said that, people are looking at ways to relax or celebrate to overcome the thoughts of isolation too considering this has gone on for a good couple of months and with things possibly not coming back to normal any time soon.

As we are all aware, food has always played a major component of any celebration or get-together. Be it home-cooked or takeaway, it blends in with any occasion and works as an icebreaker, helping create conversations among the toughest of crowds. Hence, when Happy Belly Bakes(HBB) reached out to Tuck Stand confirming that they have incorporated all the required safety measures and permissions to run their cafe and bakery during the lockdown, we jumped at a plan to assist the community.

Although based out of the heart of Bangalore, HBB has a fan following across the city. Focusing on a variety of quality desserts and scrumptious sandwiches, Tuck Stand has received repeated requests from its client base to bring in food from HBB over and over again. Keeping in mind that we should do what we can from our side to ensure that people can still keep their spirits up, we incorporated a plan, which HBB was already doing, to introduce them to different residential societies, situated at different parts of the city, providing a means for their regular customers, and also new customers, to indulge in some of the best desserts and baked goods in town.

The process is as follows: Via residential societies and association virtual groups, messages are sent to spread the word and assess the demand. A separate closed group is created to take their orders for a particular set date. Our close relationship with the HBB management team allows us to provide items at reasonable prices, which is always a delight to customers. Considering there would be multiple orders from different residents, delivery charges too were either subsidised or waived off, wherever possible to reduce the cost further. With a focus on social distancing and keeping in mind the customers’ safety, each customer is allocated a time window/slot to come down and pick up their bag of goodies. And the payments are to be made via Paytm, UPI, NEFT to further reduce contact or any cash exchange.

Although not present on the scene, Tuck Stand would still keep a close eye on everything, from periodic updates from HBB to updating the customers on when the food would be arriving. We would also reach out to the customers to get their honest feedback, ensuring that the food and the service hasn’t been compromised at any level.

We realise that being confined to the four walls of our houses isn’t easy. Providing an alternative to regular food, either homemade or from the usual places they would usually order, or to just celebrate a well deserved weekend with some amazing cakes and desserts, allows the apartment and society members to try something new without breaking their bank balance and affecting their health.

If you would like us to bring in Happy Belly Bakes to your apartment too, or you’re aware of another complex that could benefit from this, do reach out to us via mail at or connect with us on 9019677800 / 9739954892.

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