Tuck Stand - Assisting Corporate Companies even during Lockdown

Lockdown is imposed in almost every country after whole world is hit by Covid-19. Due to lockdown everything has changed, the way of working, meeting, eating shopping everything.

Virtual online meetings, making your sofa your work chair, pitching new business strategies, and brewing your coffee while in your casuals is currently the new norm for all working individuals.

The ongoing COVID-19 epidemic has brought lockdown that has made the entire world to a standstill, pushing firms to ask their workforce to operate from their homes, distancing teams across the city while still expecting them to be efficient. Though a temporary phase in our daily routine, this may well be paving the path to a lesser-known working style. Remote working may eventually be accepted throughout in lockdown, however, it is still new and foreign, especially, in a country like India where offices and corporate still heavily rely on their in-house workforce commuting daily to their offices. A nationwide lockdown initiated to control the spread has disrupted any work-life balance that existed.

Deliveries coming your way!

This is to the extent that even our infrastructure isn’t ready to accommodate such changes. For example, part of the workforce who may be single, living in shared accommodations may well be worried about arranging their breakfast and lunches while sitting in a daily team briefing. Working couples may have additional house chores that need taking care of while they are pitching to a prospective client. People working in the essential services industry, who still have to travel to offices, worry about arranging food and snacks as local cafeterias, canteens, and restaurants may not be operating within their area.

During this lockdown, Corporate are looking into alternative ideas to keep their employees engaged and motivated by organizing informal calls, virtual game breaks, weekly online competitions, and so on. Considering the situation and evaluating the availability of resources, Tuck Stand has taken its long-standing partnership with Swiggy, one of the leading food delivery teams in the industry, to the next level by initiating a move with the simple goal to provide food to employees at their homes or their isolated office spaces.

Facilitating snacks and lunch for the employees as a gesture of appreciation for working from home takes the burden off them, making them more productive with additional time in hand. Similarly, managers can also use the service to arrange virtual get-together celebrating birthdays, work anniversaries to motivate their employees. L&D managers are making virtual on-boarding sessions interesting for new recruits by sending packaged foods to their homes, welcoming them to the firm.

Tuck Stand’s initiative allows managers to select meals from some of the most widespread and well-known brands, like Homely, The Bowl Company, Goodness Kitchen, Freshery, etc. ensuring the food has been prepared with world-class safety and within a hygienic environment. With the Tuck Stand team monitoring overall logistics from order-taking to timely delivery, managers can focus on what’s truly important - their team’s productivity and well-being.