Tuck Stand’s Contribution to Fight the Hunger Battle and Food Wastage!

We all know that food is one of the essentials for the continued existence of human life. It is also known that food is a human right, derived from the fundamental right to be free from hunger. If that’s the case then why do you think that nearly 11% of the global population suffers from chronic undernourishment? Why are there 194 million undernourished people in India alone, nearly 15% of her population ? Why are we still unable to combat the massive food wastage that occurs during the distribution and consumption of food? If India produces sufficient food to feed its population, why do you think it is unable to provide access to food to a large number of people?

Tuck Stand’s Contribution to Fight the Hunger Battle
Fighting Hunger Battle

These are serious issues with even more dire repercussions if ignored!

Being knowledgeable and well-aware of the situation is important but the ability to be able to implement this acquired knowledge in our day-to-day actions is important too. Global hunger is a critical problem that has to be solved on a war-footing basis. Eliminating hunger from the world is a prerequisite to envisioning sustainable, shared progress and development - in terms of social, economical and other facets of a nation.

At Tuck Stand, we believe that small concrete steps will lead to significant changes. We advocate a Zero food waste concept to all its customers and strongly feel that, considering the Global Hunger Index (GHI) for India, food is a vital resource that cannot be afforded to go waste, even by a bit. That is why we continuously encourage our customers to adopt the portioned buffet system of service (portioned specifically to their requirements) which results in no or minimal food wastage. This also ensures that every guest or employee is consciously aware of the quantity of food they are intaking and are directly responsible for it.

We also go in with a backup plan where food that is leftover, if any, is distributed among the helpers and service associates in the building bringing cheers and smiles to them too! These are simple but effective models that we have employed contributing to the fight to end food wastage and improving the overall GHI score.