Happy Quiche Lorraine Day!

Happy Quiche Lorraine Day to all you food lovers out there! This mouth-watering dish has been a fan-favourite for a long, long time, securing a place in most French cafes and restaurants today.

Did you know: quiches actually trace their origins to Germany. The classic French quiche originated in the German-ruled province of Lothringen, later renamed Lorraine, when it came under French control. The word “quiche” was born from the German word for cake “kuchen”.

Quiche Lorraine Day, Kuchen
Quiche Lorraine Day

The early versions of Quiche Lorraine simply consisted of an open-faced pie - with crust only at the bottom and the sides - filled with a mixture of heavy cream, eggs and smoked bacon, baked in a bread dough in a cast-iron pan - truly an accurate representation of its humble rural origins. Cheese found its way into the recipe much later; the classic quiche recipe does not contain any cheese. Today, the speciality quiche from Lorraine features gruyere cheese, onion, fatty bacon (French lardons) and nutmeg as its primary flavors.

Quiches today have become an integral part of most eateries today, with lots and lots of variations. It is one of the easiest, failsafe recipes that can be made by using whatever available at hand or in the fridge. Meat and seafood? Definitely. Vegetables? Check! If you’re fanciful, you could roll your own dough too.

Quiche Lorraine

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