Cheese - Nothing gets Cheddar than this!

The most popular dairy product consumed around the world - Cheese! A food item that is associated with quite a handful of “cheesy” puns. Cheese is also associated with some classic foods like pizza, mac n cheese and cheese grilled sandwiches, without which these items wouldn’t even exist. For all you cheeseheads out there, Tuck Stand wishes you a Happy Cheese Day! Since today is all about cheese, how about we share some melt-in-your-mouth information about this chef-favourite, gob-smacking ingredient with all of you?

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Cheesecake for Chess lovers out there!

Let’s start with some history and facts. It is believed that cheese was first discovered around 8000 BC - around the time when sheep were first domesticated. Early Roman works describe how they enjoyed a variety of cheeses. This points to the assumption that cheese making was already considered an art form among the Romans. And you know what they say - when with cheese, do as the Romans do. Or maybe that’s a different saying. Either ways, we completely stand by this beautiful artform.

Cheese was mass-produced only after 1815 in Switzerland, when the first cheese factory was built. Soon after, scientists discovered methods to mass-manufacture rennet, and voila! Industrial cheese production spread throughout the world like wildfire. This is probably what allowed the world to create a huge variety of cheeses. Did you know that there are 1833 varieties of cheese, according to, the official repository for all things cheese. “Oh Cheez”, right?

A whole lot of our partner vendors across Bangalore are cheese specialists or at least have some of the tastiest treats in town. For instance, Happy Belly Bakes makes some of the best cheese-based items, we kid you not! They offer an assortment of cheesecakes; they are definitely a treat to sore eyes, and your taste buds too! It is tough to pick out a favourite among their cheesecakes - all the variants are equally good - but we can quite confidently say that the Oreo Cheesecake as a fan-favourite. We had taken it with us to several pop-ups and, safe to say, it's a definite showstopper. This item has definitely garnered rave reviews wherever we have showcased it. Their savouries, like the jalapeno cheese melt and the array of gourmet sandwiches are also a great hit with the crowd.

Glen’s Bakehouse too offers some amazing delicacies in the cheesecake category. We had an event in a coworking space where the community team specifically requested that we provide them with the Carrot Cheesecake prepared by Glen’s. And because of the client’s specific requirements, we had to sit with the partner vendor team and get them to prepare a miniature version of the popular Carrot Cheesecake(Watch our blog space for more details on this event in the coming weeks).

If you’re hunting for some amazing cheese melt sandwiches then look no further than The Fry Shack. They are the best in business when it comes to whipping up mouth-watering crinkle-cut fries and their cheese melt sandwiches are their perfect accompaniments.

So why wait anymore? Get your taste buds all cheesy! Reach out to us and order some of the best sandwiches. But if it’s your team’s sweet tooth craving that you’re trying to satisfy, then you need not look further than the all-time popular Oreo or Carrot Cheesecakes, and we’ll get them just in time for your team’s breakfast and/or lunch and/or snack and/or all needs. Make haste!