Covid-19: A Shout-out to the Unsung Real Heroes in Our Society

Covid-19: In the history of mankind, we have never experienced a pandemic like this ever before and neither have we joined hands together at a global scale to fight against a common enemy i.e: corona-virus to survive.

Covid-19 Pandemic: A shout out to real heroes of society, Tuck Stand
Covid-19 Pandemic hits the world!

Although this covid-19 pandemic may seem like a major Hollywood movie’s plot, which a lot of rebels would have you believe is true, we never imagined our global economy to be brought to a standstill to eradicate a deadly corona-virus. We never imagined the streets of a country, with a population of close to 1.5 billion, to be deserted allowing nature to take back all that she has provided till now. We also never could imagine waking up to a counter telling us how many we have lost to covid-19 and how many are still fighting this pandemic to survive the day.

Real Heroes in Covid-19 Pandemic, Bangalore
Daily Wagers in Covid-19

In this Covid-19 Scenario, many daily wagers have lost their livelihood, who till now depended on the hustles and bustles on their city. Considered collateral damage towards a larger cause, these people are imaginary front line fighting covid-19 pandemic for survival as resources become scarce or are only available to those who can afford to but it.

Real Heroes in Covid-19 World

Real heroes don't wear capes; In this pandemic situation, they wear masks and stethoscopes!

These doctors and nurses, who don medical coats that are garnered with the sigil of a snake on a stick, risk their lives as they work tirelessly towards helping the infected. They work around the clock trying to save life of others from this deadly virus while they are fully exposed to the virus. This is why they are Real Heroes.

Real Heroes is Covid-19, Slums in covid-19, Bangalore, Tuck Stand.
COVID-19 Turns Spotlight on Slums !

Then there are those who brave the heat, without any formal protection as used by doctors and para-medic staff, they are supplying food to slum pockets across the city, trying their best to feed the needy who have given up all the hopes of survival due to deadly breakout of Covid-19 affecting their daily routine.

Real Heroes in Covid-19, Bangalore, Tuck Stand. Home Delivery
Overcoming Delivery Challenges in Covid-19

When an NGO reached out to Banquet18, one of our leading corporate caterers, asking assistance from their team of cooks to arrange large quantities of meals to be delivered during the lock-down due to covid-19, they never imagined the difference it would make to the lives of the many who have lost their earnings recently. With Banquet18’s skeleton crew running the scene, it was a challenge but was nevertheless effectively executed. Every day the team arranges raw food and inventory during this time of scarcity, prepares wholesome meals, keeping in mind hygiene and standards, and has them delivered through different parts across the city, a kilometre away from the different distribution zones, over-coming one of the biggest challenges in Covid-19. Due to government restrictions, NGO representatives collect the food from there and take it to designated areas to deliver the food door to door.

Ever since they started executing this, many corporate companies have connected with Banquet18 via different NGOs, asking them to provide single pot wholesome meals throughout Bangalore. Everyone is trying to do their bit to help millions who are going through a relatively harder time trying to make ends meet. If you are a corporate company that too would like to join hands in this effort, we request you to connect with Tuck Stand to take it ahead. Drop us a mail at and help the society in this time of need.