Behavioral changes in Post COVID return-to-work culture

“Returning to work”, a few months back this was heard only when employees were back to the office after a long holiday. But, as the #newnormal has changed almost everything, the meaning "returning to work" also changed a 360 degree.

“Return to the workplace” after almost 6 months of WFH, is accompanied with a great behavioural change, both in the mindset of people as well the necessity in the current times.

Workplace being always about people coming together brainstorming and working on daily activities and deliverables. To conclude, a workstation is not a lone affair, it is always occupied with some or the other activity. A typical spread for the spread of virus to a vast extent as well.

There's no need to panic though!

It was more of a warning that should ring a bell talking about the seriousness of the situation at present on one hand and the very simple, diligent effort by each individual being the solution to eradicate this pandemic from its very existence. From coffee machines and common mugs in the cafeteria to staple pins and xerox machines. Each and every article/materials will come in contact with almost everyone on the floor. So “Be careful” with what you touch, wear masks always, keep your surroundings sanitized.

Getting your workplace ready for the post covid world may essentially include the few key points as follows:

  1. Keep workplaces clean and hygienic

  2. Keep your surroundings sanitized

  3. Promote regular and thorough handwashing

  4. Promote good respiratory hygiene

  5. Advice who are sick to stay at home and assist them in their daily deliverables

  6. Promote regular teleworking which can help businesses keep operating while your employees stay safe

  7. Make policies regarding stay at home, in case any spread amongst the work communities is observed

  8. Ensure masks are worn at all times when there is a gathering of more than 2 persons

  9. Ensure safe disposal of used masks and tissue papers

  10. Disinfectant objects and surfaces regularly

  11. Comply with the restrictions to travel, movements and large gatherings

For requirements, be it for food or other essentials, it has seen a sea of changes. People are more inclined to homemade food or home-like food with the sheer importance to food safety while being cooked or in transit. Be it a short coffee gathering or a long business conversation over meetings, people are more concerned about the spread rather than the discussion in itself.

The only way going forward is to take safety at utmost priority, as it is every individual's diligent effort to short the spreading chain of this pandemic. To know more on how TS has taken participation in both spreading awareness and also adapting to the new normal and post covid world, Subscribe now. Also, contact us to enjoy the home-like food delivered at your doorstep all safe and maintaining necessary safety and hygienic, contact us.