COVID-19 Diaries: What Employees Can Do to Stay Productive

A cluster of many cases due to pneumonia of an unknown cause has now catapulted us into a pandemic known as Covid-19. Covid-19 has gripped the world with its venomous fangs. As countries struggle to control the spread of the coronavirus and most economic activities have come to a screeching halt in a race against time to produce a cure for the coronavirus, social distancing and work from home have become the new norm.

Covid-19 Diaries
Scary Coronavirus Situation!

Covid-19 Diaries

New term has come up "Hybrid-work", It is the combination of working some time from home and for some time in office. Study shows that companies and employee will be following this after Covid-19. As long as Covid-19 is around we have complete lockdown. However, with the nation-wide lockdown, there is no option but to stay indoors 24x7, with the entire family.

This has brought about fresh challenges to employees from a productivity standpoint during Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 Diaries

Covid-19 Work from home can be successful in terms of productivity when employees;

  • Are free of all distractions during work hours.

Covid-19 Diaries

  • Have the flexibility to opt-in and opt-out of work from home at any time.

Covid-19 Diaries

In Covid-19 days, working from home requires working without any distractions whatsoever, during work hours. It is essential to ensure that employees work from a dedicated room earmarked for office; working out of bedrooms or shared common spaces is a strict no. But, thanks to the current lock down situation, employees are unable to focus on work for more than 15 minutes at a stretch, due to the stream of noise and distraction from their family members, partners or roommates. The current scenario also means that there are no face-to-face meetings and in-person collaboration, impacting the mental health of employees, considering humans are essentially social creatures.

In Covid-19 times, there are a few ways that can help boost productivity. Regular discussions between managers and their teams will enable check-ins periodically to keep employees positive. Strict measures to help maintain work-life balance are essential to maintain mental health, and more importantly, take a much-needed break from the regular stream of office work and rejoin feeling rested and refreshed. Collaborations via video calls can help you stay consistently productive by monitoring the activity and attention levels of employees.

Most importantly, which is also our personal favorite is, to have quality and balanced meals, to stay physically and mentally active.

Covid-19 Diaries: Favorite Snacks

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