What goes on behind that Last-Minute Order?

When we discuss with our operations team about some of the toughest challenges they have encountered during their endeavor to deliver an excellent, well-rounded experience to our customers, they almost always say that executing last-minute orders is a tough nut to crack. At our place, such a request sets off a chain of processes in order to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction. We always strive to provide our customers with excellent service to meet their requirements. But, when it’s an order at the eleventh hour, there may be unintended consequences. Here are some of the ways orders at the last minute pose a challenge.

  • Last-minute ordering makes all concerned parties jump into overdrive to meet your delivery requirements and causes increased costs in the form of additional charges, like service and delivery charges, for example, due to the expedited order.

  • There may be chances of more mistakes creeping into the order when the time between request and fulfilment becomes compressed. The standard operating procedure may not be necessarily followed with a last-minute order because the time frame for delivery may not allow it. As a result, consequences like reduced quality of the items, poor packaging techniques or solutions used, resulting in damage, and improper handling of the items, may occur.

  • Costly mistakes are made, mostly during last-minute orders, due to the lack of time spent on analyzing the requirements. Many a time, the details of requirements necessitate many more questions to be asked and answered before an order can be placed and there are often many options to consider. But, at the last minute, it’s all about time! If we get it wrong, the customer suffers the most.

The core of the “last-minute” challenge rests in the planning process. If the planning process is robust, most of the negative effects associated with last-minute orders can be neutralized.

Last-minute orders, challenges, cured food options
Last-minute orders - successfully executed!

At Tuck Stand, we have the capability to execute both types of orders. For last-minute orders, we have a standard set of food options across our vendors, prepared after extensive and meticulous research by our team, which almost certainly blend into any corporate event. These are implemented after studying the trend and the feedback received from our previous clients and customers. However, if you require customizations, we advise you to reach out to us well in advance, so that we can inform our vendors about your requirements and preferences and work closely with both parties to implement them.

The choice is yours. Which one do you choose?