Traditional food delivery system vs the new food delivery systems

The current pandemic is all about change, in fact, a very rapid change. Change like never before.

With the onset of lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic, people’s perspective has changed concerning food, when in the pre-covid times we all had enjoyed celebrations, eating out, formal & casual dining, choice of cuisines, home delivery, eating-at-home, street food, snacking, tiffin-boxes

Now, we fear the same actions, with the thought of infection and that is affecting the food delivery business inside out, also indirectly affecting their brand names, as people perceive that large bodies won't take safety and security so seriously as they are expected too. This is one of the key reasons for eating outside food has mostly seen a zero mark.

A highly comparative study to talk about is the changing trends in food delivery during pre-covid times to the post-covid world. Let's look at the stats that come from various survey reports on the pattern of food deliveries in two diverse timelines.

Research study states in the lockdown phase the following findings are noted:

  1. Almost two-thirds of people (63%) have dined-in at a restaurant during COVID-19, indicating a demand for alternatives to eating at home.

  2. More than half of people (58%) feel uncomfortable eating at a restaurant during the pandemic, which means restaurants must invest in take-out and delivery options to stay open.

  3. Nearly two-thirds of people (65%) ordered food delivery in July 2020 as food options remain in-demand, but restaurant profit margins decrease with delivery.

  4. Food delivery through online platforms is becoming more audience-friendly, with 12% of people increasing the usage of these platforms since July 2020.

  5. Still, people try to support local businesses as 43% order from individual restaurants rather than using a massive app platform.

A survey conducted with approx 500 people about their food delivery and dining habits during COVID-19, stated that, most people have dined in at a restaurant during the pandemic and used online food delivery more than once.

However, over half of the survey population are uncomfortable eating at a restaurant, indicating that restaurants must continue to offer delivery and curbside pickup options.

Restaurants face a huge dilemma on whether to invest in their logistic services or join the food delivery platforms for their supply chain and increase in audience count.

Few concrete changes that can be observed with the audience when it comes to food delivery are as follows:

  1. They prefer home delivery rather than dine-in options

  2. Large brands are not trusted when it comes to safety measures

  3. Food delivery has increased more from local brands

  4. People are inclined to more healthy and hygienic foods (for eg: vegan foods)

  5. People are moving away from street foods and are believed to stay that way for a few years

  6. People’s choice is shifting from animal-based to plant-based food options

  7. They are preferring At Home options

Keeping these observations and audience choices, as we are always customer-centric and ready to serve them at any point, it is time to explore our new services that have been launched keeping in mind all the safety, health and hygiene in account. Spreading the idea of stay safe, stay aware and keep yourself and your surroundings sanitized so that we can break the chain of this pandemic. Cheers to the covid free world, which is knocking our doors to welcome it with this new year 2021