Success Under Pressure

Out of our multiple business lines, which already help in solving most of the food management challenges faced by event managers and HR admins of many companies, a key stream is to get them to partner with Tuck Stand to fulfill food requirements for their various corporate events or occasions. During this process, through our extensive discussions with the customer, we understand their expectations and preferences and pitch the right options that will help make their event a successful one.

One of our partnerships was with WeWork to host a breakfast for all their building’s members and occupants. One of our major takeaways from this order was our reinforced belief in delivering results under pressure. It all started when they had reached out to us 3 days before the scheduled date for the event, with a requirement for quick bites to service about 400 employees in the building. Since there wasn’t much time at hand, we quickly got into action, reaching out to our partners with the requirement and trying to obtain a positive, favourable response from them. Finally, we were able to narrow down and select the right partner, Happy Belly Bakes, for the order. We had long, extensive discussions with the partner as well as the customer to understand the right options that would work well; the outcome was that we decided to deliver mushroom quiches, a combination of spinach and corn sandwiches, and banana muffins to meet their breakfast needs. The idea behind the selection of these options was the ease of preparation and their preferred choice as breakfast foods. It was decided to keep the packaging at the bare minimum, as the risk of damage to most of the items was not that great; however, we requested our partner to place a slotted tray within the outer packaging for the muffins to prevent any unwanted movement that may cause damage to them.

The logistics, too, was planned and taken care of meticulously: after exploring a few delivery options, we decided that the delivery team of our partner was the best option to ensure a timely and safe delivery.

As it was a first-come-first-serve event, we agreed that it would help if some members from our operations team went over to the building during the event, to help with portioning out the items.

On the day of the event, even as some key members of our operations team reached the location beforehand, we initiated the order tracking at our end with feverish intensity, hoping everything would go as planned. When the operations team received confirmation from the delivery partner and the customer that the items were delivered in mint condition, we all collectively breathed a huge sigh of relief. The first part of our job was done successfully.

First-come-first-serve events are always a challenge with respect to food management, but the presence of our operations team to assist with the food service was of immense help. Our team ensured that everything was in order by streamlining and managing the queue and keeping an eye on replenishing the items as and when required. Our members also interacted with the diners and gathered their feedback about the quality of the items and the overall service experience. It was a well-managed, well-executed event, as was evident from the feedback provided by the community team; everyone agreed that the items were absolutely delicious. The community team thanked us for our efforts; it was a high-value order, for which we had put everything on the line. The appreciation brought a cheerful, positive and a celebratory mood to the entire Tuck Stand family.