Food delivery standards in the new normal, The no contact delivery trend!

“Your food is on its way to you and will be delivered in the next 20 minutes”; a notification that fills your heart with joy and a blissful smile comes on your face unknowingly. As your favorite cuisine is about to reach you. A feeling we all could relate to.


Now, in this new world, that feeling is a bit different, along with the happiness, feeling of delight and that mouth watery sensation, there is also a pinch of tension that bothers us within. Should we eat from outside? With the daily increase in cases, are we being careless by ordering food from outside? Will I be ok after eating? How will I know if the food was cooked and transferred in between safe hands? Just delivery being in COD method, is that enough precaution? What should I do after I receive the package? Is there a sanitization method for cooked foods also? And many more questions come to our mind.

And as a result of which we sometimes tend to cancel the delivery or maybe throw the food even after it is delivered. Right?

The answer is, all these queries and doubts are genuine and should be addressed transparently. What do we know about the precautionary measure for this crisis in hand, it is to keep our surroundings clean and sanitize our surroundings frequently. Wear masks and make minimum contact and avoid crowded or public places unless it is a real emergency. If we follow, this simple step due diligently and be responsible with our actions. We can stop the spread of this virus by 85%.

The easiest and best way is to be cautious and careful about it and stay aware. That is the best way forward to move ahead with our daily life activities. Post covid has made us adapt to almost every new aspect of our lives, be it from work perspective or daily house activities. Each and every industry has adapted and upgraded it’s business process flows and transformed itself to meet the challenges of this new world.

As the saying goes, time stops for none, and with time moving ahead people tend to adapt accordingly. So did we in terms of food delivery as well.

Online delivery is gaining more and more demands just like the pre covid world. The big giants for food delivery like Zomato , Swiggy reports say the same both across India and globally. It seems a positive change in people as the fear for potential spread has decreased radically. That said, we also should understand the fact, like we discussed that safety is in our hands and we all should diligently follow all the precautionary measures to cut this chain.

We at TS, have also transformed ourselves to meet the demands of the new and much-advanced post covid world and are glad to announce our new services namely TS@home and TS tiffins. We provide you with home-like food at your doorstep. Be it if you are back to the workplace or you are busy with lunchtime meetings working at home. We are omnipresent and serve across the city to help you with your daily healthy and hygienic food needs. To know more, contact us and you will be delighted with our special offerings for one and all.