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For any strategy to work, the base needs to be strong. Likewise, the more thought that is put into the planning the better any plan gets. With our success in doorstep deliveries of corporate meals to employees’ doorstep and a foot in the door via messaging groups within residential complexes, we started getting regular queries for daily home-style meals from apartments.

We collaborated with some of the best satellite kitchens and vendors in town to provide quality food options that are cooked hygienically abiding by world-class kitchen standards and norms. We provided a larger variety of meals, fitting every pocket and dietary need, ensuring no monotony. We created two different slots in a day to cater to both meal and snack orders. With customers placing their orders through our streamlined interface and messaging groups, we were able to not just satisfy our customers but got them to renew their subscriptions too. With our operations team keeping a close eye on the order, all the hassles of planning one’s meals were transferred from the customers’ shoulders to ours.

The idea of your meal delivered to you right in time for lunch or tea is not only convenient but also allows our customers to focus on other things, more important things. Bachelors or working professionals who don’t cook, or don’t find the time to cook, used this service to help themselves as their cooks were not available during the lockdown. Rather than risk experimenting in the kitchen, or having to eat either half cooked or burnt food, the doorstep delivery service provided the convenience and variety to meet every taste palate. No-contact delivery at the apartment security gate allowed customers to stay safe indoors with no risks or hassles. A lot of families prefer using the extra time to spend time with each other, which has become rare in today’s day and age while cooking food on a daily basis too can turn out to be a little tedious. With the need to spend more time together, they prefer to spend time bonding over games, creative activities, over a meal, rather than spending time in the kitchen. With the lockdown providing a much sought after break from their daily chores, families took up this opportunity to relax rather than jumping back in the kitchen.

We also targeted larger crowds within residential apartments, with the prime intent of assisting young working professionals, either married or single, in the same area. Do you fall in the same category and think this is a much-needed service? And would you also be interested in “automating” your daily meals so as to focus on other important activities? If so, please drop us a mail at contact@tuckstand.com or fill up the below form and our team will reach out to you before you can say “Daily Meals, please!”

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