Covid-19: Innovation in Lock-down, Tuck Stand @ home and Tiffiins

Covid-19 Lockdown:

It is said that when the going gets tough, only the tough get going. We couldn’t agree more. During these unprecedented times, when almost the entire country has come to a grinding halt due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that is ravaging the nation each passing day, it has become vital for almost every single business out there to innovate and improvise to ensure its survival.

Innovation in Lock-down, Tuck Stand, Bangalore

In these covid-19 times when there is a lockdown , we, at Tuck Stand, chose to deepen our key relationships further and ensure that we leave no stone unturned in our strive to reach out to our customers with the best possible value propositions we can offer. As part of this quest, we decided to strengthen our collaborative partnership with Swiggy, and took it to the next level by enabling orders to be placed from some of the leading, reputed brands from the house of Swiggy, like Homely, The Bowl Company, Freshery, The Desserts Collective, and many more. It was also necessary to take a big step to survive the hit of Covid-19 pandemic.

Bulk orders, Innovation in Lock-down, Tuck Stand, Bangalore
Bulk Orders !

This model’s initial intent was to assist corporate companies with their employees’ meals and snacks but considering the model remained the same for any bulk order, we extended our reach to individuals too who were looking for some of these quality food options. Out of the multiple orders that we have received, the latest order was one wherein the customer requested North Indian options, to feed about 20 people, to be delivered to their apartment complex in the evening. It was a token of appreciation from their side to all the security and service personnel working tirelessly in their building, ensuring the health and safety of the residents there.

Covid-19. Special Order, Innovation in Lock-down, Tuck Stand, Bangalore
Special Orders !

The customer preferred packaged, wholesome options, rather than preparing it themselves and packaging them, as it saved them a lot of time and effort that would otherwise go into planning and procuring the ingredients necessary for the desired items - They explicitly told us that it was a pain to have to make about 40-50 chappathis/rotis and that they wanted to give them a break from the rice that everyone was offering. Also considering the exclusive “no-cap” discounts we were offering, we were an obvious choice for the situation.

Covid-19. Catering Before Covid, Innovation in Lock-down, Tuck Stand, Bangalore
Corporate Catering Before Covid-19

Another reason behind placing the order with us was the fact that they are employed with one of our key clients, and had prior experience with our brand and enjoyed the variety of options we had brought to their workplace. That is why they trusted us and reached out, knowing that we only work with the finest partner vendors, which meant that the quality and safety standards our partners enforce during food preparation was implicitly assured.

Covid-19. Special Order, Innovation in Lock-down, Tuck Stand, Bangalore
Customer's Trust is Tuck Stand's Success

This order showcases the trust we enjoy in the minds of our customers, so much so that they chose us to execute an order that would otherwise have been planned and done personally. We were humbled by this welcome gesture of the customer to let us service their needs, and look forward to bringing many more smiles to our customers through our associations and initiatives.

Innovation by Tuck Stand:

Tuck Stand started two new services in Covid-19 lockdown to assist the people working from home or work-spaces.

Tuck Stand @ Home:

To cater your food requirements at home, you only have to subscribe for it and Tuck Stand will take care of your lunch and dinners. You can also select menu for the whole week before week starts, means total control over your meals. Once you subscribe to it, your food will be delivered to you each day exactly on time.

Tuck Stand Tiffins:

To cater your food requirements and provide delicious and healthy food options right at your office/ work space. You can Subscribe to it on daily/weekly/monthly basis. Everyday, Tiffin will be delivered to you right on time.

If you would like to place an order for your team or as part of a social cause, please reach out to us right away via mail at or via phone at +91 9739954892! We can undoubtedly help you out with planning all aspects of your food requirement.