Tuck Stand Can Help You With A Plethora of Event Requests - Here’s Another Example

With most of the world’s focus today on ways and means to implement environment-friendly practices in all aspects of businesses, Tuck Stand is actively working with all its partners and customers to advocate a range of measures, from cutting down on plastic usage to optimizing the usage of packaging solutions and promoting the usage of alternative and innovative packaging materials. Some of the order requests that we have forwarded to our partners have required them to identify and work closely with suppliers of such alternative packaging solutions to enable us to fulfill the customer’s preferences. This highlights our zeal to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the overall order experience by providing them with the best options possible, in terms of partner selection and the variety of curated food options they have on offer.

One such request was from a lead - the customer is one of India’s leading IT solutions providers - who was looking at both food and packaging options for an event they were planning to conduct - an orientation session for their new employees or hires. They wanted packed lunch boxes to be provided to the attendees, but they were also looking at eco-friendly, alternative options to plastic containers. We initiated discussions with our existing partners, and identified a couple of them who were interested to execute this order. After initial brainstorming with the team and discussions and deliberations with our partners - who had externally reached out to suppliers of alternative packaging solutions and obtained commercial quotations from them - we obtained a few visuals of one of the suggested packaging solutions and designed draft menus around them -

vegetarian and non-vegetarian combos, each consisting of a salad, appetizer, main and starchy items curated across continental, Asian and Mexican cuisines. The material used for manufacturing all the packaging solutions was bagasse - we were told that it is one of the most sustainable options available in the market - but the challenge at that time was that we were yet to understand how to combine the individual solutions into one unit. We then discussed and collaborated in detail with the partner regarding all possible food options that could go along with the bagasse packages - and came up with 10 different combos of vegetarian food options, each comprising a fried starter, a croquette or wedges or samosas or stuffed buns, a salad item, a sandwich or calzone or panini as a filler and a juice item packed in bottles. Ideation was done around the challenges of packing these items into the bagasse containers and we decided that the containers with items containing moisture, salads, for example, would all be lined with butter paper. The bread items would be wrapped either in cling foil or in aluminium. The entire package, including juice items, would be placed in a corrugated box packing to form a single unit - it would also include cutlery. Our partner was confident of handling the event planning too, apart from the setup and logistics.

All in all, the collaboration with the customer looks to be promising, with this being the start of many more such orders to be placed. We are pretty excited to get back to work once the current situation settles down and everything is back to normal!