Talking About Failures is Important, Too!

Do you think about the instances where you tried to do everything you could, yet the results were not up to your expectations? What is your opinion about them now? Have you found closure and moved on? Or are you still trying to analyze them from a different view point and lost in the possibilities? Which of these approaches do you think is right? Okay, these are too many questions, and not everyone has the answers to such questions all the time!

At Tuck Stand, we believe in looking into our past mistakes, after learning all that is there to be learnt. Because, it makes no sense to hold on to them after a certain point. There have been a few orders where everything did not go as planned; at that time, we have tried to improvise according to the situation.

We did a series of pop ups at the Bangalore location of one of India’s leading providers of managed co-working spaces. Across three weeks, we experimented with our partners and the options they brought to the pop up - we tried to incorporate as much variety and diversity we could. For the first pop up, Glen’s Bakehouse provided choco walnut brownies and two sizes of the popular red velvet cupcakes, while Khan Saheb offered their hits - chicken tikka, tandoori mushroom and paneer tikka rolls. For the second pop up event, we had Happy Belly Bakes sending out their showstoppers - oreo cheesecake, chocolate truffle cake and fudge brownies, while we incorporated a variety of grilled sandwiches, rolls and a host of desserts - including red velvet brownies - for the third pop up.

However, the lack of traction in the building proved to be a big challenge - one that was quite tough for us to overcome. We shared our most creative marketing collaterals, designed specifically for the pop ups in these buildings, with the community team in the building, but it was not creative enough in spreading the word out in the building and garnering the numbers we had envisioned.

All was not lost, though. Some of the companies who visited our pop up were impressed by the food options we had on display and reached out to us to partner with them to manage their food needs for their upcoming events or meetings. We were also contacted by the community teams from some of the other buildings managed by the same company, with a request to initiate talks to set up pop ups at their buildings too.

We took back with us a lot of learnings from these pop ups. It was a welcome experience for the entire team - one that underlined the importance of improving our pre-event marketing efforts to ensure we get good traction for our future pop ups.