Physically Distanced Yet Socially Connected

Leaders of all countries and different media outlets are asking us to remain socially distanced from each other. The World Health Organization has cautioned that what is required to overcome the Covid-19 situation is physical distance and social connection. Why does this change in language matter? One of the most persistent research findings, is that our relationships with each other help support our mental and physical health. Research suggests that feeling alone promotes mental distortion resulting in smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity, which have severe effects on our health. It’s a really important time for us to be connecting as we work, partly because of the magic of what connection does.

Psychologically, it is suggested that high-quality connections have been found beneficial to increase your capacity to think, improve your mindset's flexibility to think and of perception. It helps you to be more creative, and activate your pro-social encouragement that strengthens your relationships. Physical distancing is one of the best phenomena to minimize and slow the spread of Covid-19. It is very crucial to keep our physical distance from others to help “flatten the curve” and keep our communities as safe and healthy as possible. But even in a time of physical distancing, social connection is vital to our health.

A new normal has also welcomed the new ways of driving our day to day life. Things that were prevented from are now being encouraged to for example; parents kept strict rules and boundaries for the usage of mobile phones for their kids, but now they are encouraging their kids to use mobile phones for various valid reasons like to study, online classes, etc. Similarly, online games were in their do-not list for kids, whereas they were encouraged to step out and play in public parks and playgrounds but now the tables have turned.

It can rightly be said that we are in a much better situation, even with this pandemic that's present in our world, even being apart, we all are connected through the internet and social media. Social networking is not just a mere connection, it is a bond that we share with others, no matter where we are, with family or stuck in a far off place from our the homelands, or walking down the long streets, or running down to help people with basic needs in terms of sanitation, dairy, vegetables, groceries, food delivery, e-commerce, medical emergency to talk of a few.

Fortuitously, staying “physically distant” doesn’t mean disconnecting from your friends, family, or the cancel healthy habits that make us happy. With a little creativity and a few simple changes in our usual routines , we can continue to retain our favorite activities like cooking and physical activities and connect with others in so many ways that boost-up our mood, lessen stress, and strengthen our efforts to protect the health of our inner and our communities. The main factor that was connected to the perception of time was participants' mental satisfaction with their levels of social connection. Those who reported being more satisfied with their social interactions felt time moved very faster during the lockdown. Those who reported being more dissatisfied felt time moved slower.

With the world changing and a “new normal” being born, every aspect of our lives, every trade, every industry has seen ‘an innovation of a kind’. Just like many others, the F&B industry has also welcomed innovation, revolution, and an overall new methodology for Business. With social distancing, being incorporated in our lives, and better livelihood. The only way to get connected and keep in touch is the internet or social media. From calling someone to ordering a pizza, from client meetings to doctor’s consultation for regular check-ups, every aspect of our lives is being driven through the internet, specifically through social media. Seems like from physical distancing to social networking, our lives changed in a day, as we all slept in one world and woke up into another. Simply put, our lives' lives have been revolving around social networking and social media.

We human beings are social animals and we have an emotional need to interact with each other for our mental satisfaction. Right now, despite the public health obligation of physical distancing, there are serious mental and physical health problems caused by isolating-in-place. At the macro level, it is clear that prolonged social and physical isolation affects our lifespan. It’s hard to feel connected when being physically distanced from people you love. Physical distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation or disconnection.

All activities which make up a day including shopping, buying groceries and medicines, food delivery can be done without stepping out of our homes, by just by a few clicks we get all our essentials delivered safely and in proper shape at our doorsteps, all thanks to the power of the internet. Thus, it is rightly said; “Social networking is a blessing in disguise". In the given scenario, we also have seen there is an increase in demand for home-like food for all those who are doing “return to ravel”, with “Unlock India” slowly taking place. The need for food safety, safe delivery from trustworthy sources, redefining corporate catering comes the new question for all Corporates in various co-working spaces, and tech parks spread across various parts of Bangalore.

There are several ways to be connected socially, never feel that you are alone.

Here are some suggestions to foster, maintain, or even enhance social friendship in these difficult times:

  • You need to connect with those who are close to you. Speak to your neighbors from over a fence or balconies but make sure to attain physical distancing.

  • Send voice notes to your loved ones. You may feel a greater sense of connection than writing a text.

  • Create messaging groups on WhatsApp and other social media platforms where possible.

  • Leave a note under a loved one’s door or on their doorstep.

  • Volunteer online.

  • You may teach your skills to the world by creating short teaching video clips and post them on social media.

  • You can help others generously via social media groups to share information and resources with them.

  • Schedule dates and time to watch the same TV shows/movies with someone and message each other your thoughts along the way. It’ll be like sitting on the couch together.

  • Host a virtual get-together.

  • Do an online work-out

  • Find educational materials to absorb.

  • Create study groups via Zoom and other ways. It is another way to be connected socially rather than physically.

  • Send funny photos or videos. Be positive and take time to laugh.

  • Send flashback messages to family and friends to say “look what we were doing 5 years ago today".

  • Move your book group online. It’s a great time to read and talk about books.

Strangely, you may notice feeling socially connected even when physically distanced. Life has slowed down, offering a chance to connect deeper or in a more safe sustained way with people.

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